Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

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Our RAMS Steel-frame prefabricated modular construction technology is suitable for any design or size of structure, for all building applications, world-wide.

(Including those with Hurricane, seismic condition and temperature-extreme locations. Each addressed individually / per project.)

Steel-frame Structural Elements

The assembly elements are made of High Tensile corrosion resistant LGS steel, with an internationally patented design profile, cold-formed under automated / robotic conditions, and all construction elements being fully accredited.  

The walls, floors and roof construction insulated in excess of all current building regulations (e.g. EN-1090 - ISO 9001:2009, +A1:2011, to EXC3 according to  EN1090-2, TEK10 - Norway, snow loading etc.) for structural, loading, thermal and acoustic performance. (All capable of achieving high R values and exceptionally low U-factors  - e.g. 0.14 (W/m2K)  -  for maximum energy efficiency and compliancy.)

Fire resistance to Euroclass A1

Subject to design, with our RAMS system, up to 3 levels can be constructed without any additional HGS (Heavy Gauge Steel) components.

With an HGS skeleton, then multi-level structures and projects can also be easily addressed.

Prefabricated Modular High-performance Wall Panel material composition (Thermo facade range exampled below)

The high-performance External walls modules are available with a wide selection of insulation and load strength qualities and capabilities, and in varying thicknesses.      (Generally based on our standard high-tensile steel custom profile of 152mm)

  • High Quality Steel:  (S 320 GD - S 500 GD)  Fully automated production to Euro Code 3.       Hot-dip galvanised for corrosion resistance.
  • EPS Thermo facade - 80mm (ONORM B 6000 and ONORM EN 13163)    High heat insulation - High dimensional accuracy
  • Air & Moisture Barrier. (ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant ASHRAE 189.1 Compliant.   -   ICC Code Recognition ASTM-E 2357 Evaluated.)
  • Fibre Cement Board (FCB) (Resistant to fire  -  B s1 d0 EN13501-1)   Providing a high level of additional acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Organic Strong Plaster. (EN ISO 2811 - EN ISO 7783 - EN 1062-1 - EN ISO 7783 - EN 13501-1 - ETA-11/0505)   Resistant to mechanical stress / weather resistant.
  • Glasfibre mesh. (ETA-03/0027, ETA-05/0098 ETA-06/0004, ETA-09/0058, P-3139/0796-MPA BS, P-3614/3075-MPA BS)   High tensile, alkali resistant, plastiser-free.
  • Mineral rock wool 150mm. (EU Directives 67/548/EEC, 1999/45/EEC, 1907/2006, 1272/208  and 453/2010 )   Exceptional fire response Euroclass A1.
         Thermal conductivity 0.037(W/mk)    Excellent thermal and acoustic properties.
  • FireShield Plasterboard 12.5mm  Fire resistance EN520 + A1 - type F.   Environmentally friendly.
  • Plasterboard 12.5mm. (EN 520)    Diffusion permeable.   Fire protection effective.
  • Finishing Plaster. (BS EN 520: 2004+A1:2009, BS EN 17279-1:2008, BS EN 13963:2014)    Extremely smooth consistency for easy and perfect finishing.

The entire combination forming an extremely rigid structure with excellent thermal, acoustic and fire resistant characteristics and qualities.

  • External finishes are numerous. From plain or textured render, to decorative FCB, aluminium clad, brick-faced, stone, real wood, artificial wood, real brick, etc.

Internal walls unless otherwise specified, are based on a high-tensile steel patented profile of 89mm. (This excluding all plasterboard, MGO and finishes etc.)

The numerous layers / components of our RAMS system, all form an environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient building.  -  Internal damp and mildew-forming spores etc. are now a thing of the past. 

Perfect for a far healthier environment. (Especially important for those with respiratory issues.)

Construction and Assembly

Assembly is simple, fast, safe, and subject to sub-level conditions, is generally based on a standard 150m (6") concrete slab foundation. 

The advanced design allows for very rapid erection utilising our patented, fail-safe interlocking system.

  • Not uncommonly an entire level of both internal and external walls in one day! (Subject to size, and design of course) 

Prefabricated modular units are completely sealed and weatherproof from the factory, ensuring that the interior components remain fully protected throughout the assembly process, whatever the elements. 

The entire simple construction process can be completed quickly (5 - 10 days not uncommonly) by a small semi-skilled labour team. 

Generally In the first instance, overseen by one of our own Chief Engineers.   -  (Internal fixing and finishing periods subject to design, finish, complexity etc)

  • Structural completion (from slab level) and also 
  • Completion to Turnkey (again from slab level)  can also be addressed by our own teams, if required.

(Subject to location and project in both instances.  - Quotations once full details of the project are known.)

  • Self-assembly.  

All panels and elements are individually numbered, and correspond to supplied plans, making assembly and construction exceptionally easy and straight-forward, even without additional support    

  • Think flat-pack furniture on a grand scale!   But with NO parts missing and components that DO fit together!

  • Pre-construction
All projects are first pre-constructed in our factory to ensure quality and correctness.  (Capabilities for up to three levels)
Engineers / contractors are welcome during this process for their own awareness and future reference.

Groundworks, Foundations and Service Connections

As with the construction, they are not included in the manufacture and supply price.

All groundworks related elements are also always undertaken by locally appointed contractors.

Accordingly we cannot provide any indication of local costs.

The foundation base however, is in most instances, essentially a straight-forward 150mm (6") concrete slab. (Subject to geotechnic survey reports, and the project itself.)

Our structures only weighing approximately 25% of an equivalent bricks, blocks and concrete structure.

All foundation plans and requirements will be provided for your early reference, guide assessment, planning and arrangement.

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