Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

What's Included?

So what's included in a Manufacture & Supply Price?

                    Pretty much everything! . . . . . From the roof to the floor, and everything in between.   Both inside and outside.

With Choices, Choices, Choices!


With all this high quality and fully included choices, what’s it going to cost?

As every house we manufacture is totally individual and different, there can obviously no fixed price.

A starting guide price for the Manufacture and Supply* of a 'basic design and equipped house' would start from around the €450 / m2, increasing to around €730 / m2 for a high specification home. FOB, ex.taxes.  

A mid-range specification bespoke design villa quite commonly around €510 - €585 / m2. 

Ask about our recently launched 'Havana Villa' .

A real 'budget beater', and proving the impossible, is possible!

A contemporary design 216m2 villa, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, contemporary kitchen, large bedroom terraces, starting from around €495 / m2.

* Manufacture & Supply prices do NOT include any groundwork related elements or construction.

For all projects, apart from supplying every wall panel, (that's interior as well as exterior) ceiling panel and roof panel, all being highly insulated for maximum thermal and acoustic performance, it also means choices of roof material, finish and colour. 

Plus of course choices of external wall finishes and colours too. Such as various stucco surfaces, brick detail, cultured stone or timber siding for example.

With windows, there are many choices of Double-glazed (as standard) window styles, including aluminium, uPVC and hardwood, and loads of exterior (and interior) doors and styles, in various materials, both glazed and solid, bi-fold doors, and many more.

Then there's the choices of internal Flooring . . . . . marble, wood block, laminate, ceramic, and even carpet all in a host of colours and finishes. 

(with Solar-powered Under-floor heating, thermostatically controllable available for every room on every level.)

If your property is of a multi-level design, there are many Stairway styles including glass, steel, traditional wood, spiral . . . . .  

We include fully fitted and tiled Kitchens, with a vast assortment of styles, colours and equipment, and of course, an equally large selection of Bathroom & Shower fittings and equipment to choose from as well.

And it goes without saying that choices of  terrace fronts, all electrics, plumbing, and much much more, are of course included as well.

Each and all of the above can be substituted for materials, fixtures, equipment or fittings of your own choice, with any itemised price variation built in to the total supply price . (BOQ)

Which as we said, is pretty much everything . . . . 

                                                               . . . . meaning all you need is a key!

The following is just a very brief and minimal example of a few visible elements.