Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

What's Included?

So what's included in a Manufacture & Supply Price?

Although always optional, and we can supply what is best referred to as just the 'shell', if you want our supply can include pretty much everything! . . . 

 . . . . From the roof to the floor, and a good deal of everything else in between.   Both inside and outside.

With many choices as well.


With all this high quality and included / optional supply choices, what’s it going to cost?

As every house and project we manufacture is totally individual and different, in an infinite number or respects, there can obviously be no fixed price.

Nor is there an obvious 'starting price' / m2 (or /sq.ft.) for the same reason.

There are no 'common' parts or elements from one project to another.

No standard specifications - every location being different. (Even within the same country) 

We therefore deal in facts, not hypothetical or assumed scenarios.

Working from architectural plans and all relevant specifications of your project.

Far better for you to have factual information, than some that with the best will in the world, could be potentially misleading.

And from experience, we are only too aware that the first facts or figures referred to or mentioned, will be the ones you always remember, and will go back to!

For ourselves, knowing a target budget from yourselves can assist us greatly in advising you how best to maximise your budget to it's full potential.

  •  Any quoted Manufacture & Supply prices will NOT include any construction* or groundwork** related elements.
*   Construction:   Supervisor / Chief Engineer available.  Contract support teams on application. 

** All gound-works related elements are always locally arranged and undertaken, and are not part of 'above-ground' prefabricated modular construction.

For all projects, apart from supplying every wall panel, (that's interior as well as exterior) ceiling panel and roof panel, all being highly insulated for maximum thermal and acoustic performance, it also means choices of roof material, finish and colour. 

Plus of course choices of external wall finishes and colours too. Such as various stucco surfaces, brick detail, cultured stone or timber siding for example.

With windows, there are many choices of Double-glazed (as standard) window styles, including aluminium, uPVC and hardwood, and loads of exterior (and interior) doors and styles, in various materials, both glazed and solid, bi-fold doors, and many more.

Then there's the choices of internal Flooring . . . . . marble, wood block, laminate, ceramic, . . .. 

If your property is of a multi-level design, there are many Stairway styles including glass, steel, traditional wood, spiral . . . . .  

We can include fully fitted and tiled Kitchens, with a vast assortment of styles, colours and equipment, and of course, an equally large selection of Bathroom & Shower fittings and equipment to choose from as well.

Unlike most, we do not insist in supplying 'All or nothing'

However, and from experience and in the case of electrics as just one example, we are only too aware of the infinite selections and choices readily and easily locally available everywhere.

We cannot possibly have access to every selection, and in certification and compliance for every country. 

So far better to let you choose and select your electrics locally.

We are always pleased to help if we can, (for many, with less specific end requirements, this can simplify all) but similarly, we are more than happy to apply this freedom of local  / personal supply to all fixtures and fittings.

The following is just a very brief and minimal example of a few of the more obvious visible elements. Some you will want us to supply. Others? Your choice.