Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

Global Agents/Representation Invited

To combine with our continued expansion program as part of iPrefab Global Ltd., we are actively seeking to have representation based in far more global locations.

Currently we have representation in:  Mallorca, the Balearic Islands, (Spain)  -  St. Lucia  -  New Zealand   -  Lebanon  -  Brazil (Rio/Sao Paulo)  -  British Virgin Islands  -  Murcia (Spain)   -  India (Bangaluru)   -  US Virgin Islands   -   Malta  -  Dominican Republic.

The world however, is a very big place, and we constantly receive inquiries from all global locations.

Addressing them on a personal basis is a vast task.

Inquiries and growing interest coming from clients wanting our luxury prefabricated houses in France, The Maldives, Australia to Bermuda. The Seychelles, Portugal, St Kitts and Nevis, Cyprus, Costa Blanca, The Azores, Italy,  Mauritius, Germany, The Grenadines, Russia, the Ukraine, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, South Pacific, Grand Cayman, Panama . . . . . the list (like the world) is endless.

The combined group brand of Eco Build (Spain), Eco Dom Lux, and Green-home International

If you would like to be part of iPrefab Global's growing network, and establishing our advanced building solutions, in the form of unique bespoke design steel-frame prefabricated buildings, and associated high standards in your particular location, then please get in contact with us.

You can write in strictest confidence, providing please, your location, brief background, any company information, premises/office base details etc, to our central office, located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain: 

Please email:

Please visit iPrefab Global  group websites. - Click Here    -   Español  -    -   German  -

. . . . . And we will look forward to the opportunity of your being included within the growing list of global partners and associates.