Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

Year-round Benefits

Spain and Portugal lead the way on renewable energy transformation within Europe.  (Although it doesn't mean other countries are not 'doing their bit'!)

Apart from the method of construction itself, the following are just some of the additional and major contributory factors within our sustainable design constructions. All for ongoing benefit options from an Eco building to continuing that environmentally friendly trend, wherever your eco project may be. 

Many are included as standard.    -   A few are optional extras.  I.e. Photovoltaics, Triple glazing and Rainwater harvesting.

Solar Heating        -       Solar Energy Capture

Free re-usable energy source.
Provides sufficient daily hot water.
Emission free-heating.

A source of free hot water for not just daily use, but for radiators and underfloor heating too. 

Photovoltaic Energy Cells        -        Generating Electricity

Low maintenance, with no moving or wearing parts.
Sell surplus to your energy supplier.
Roof mounted. Electricity from daylight, even on cloudy days! Just a 10m2 photovoltaic collector can generate

25% of the average consumption of a 4 person household. 

Double and Triple Glazed Windows and Doors 

Reduces heat loss.
Provides sound insulation.

Windows and doors are the major source of heat loss in all constructions.

High quality units and installation ensures this doesn’t happen in any of our constructions.

Underfloor heating           -           Water based heating

Uniform heating throughout.
Cheaper running costs than conventional radiators.
No visible installations.
Uniform heat throughout. Being at lower operating water temperature, it’s cheaper than conventional forms of radiators. 

Rain water harvesting          -        Water capture

Free water supply.
Simple installation.  -  Cheap to instal. 

Water is expensive.  (It definitely can be in Spain anyway!) Rainwater harvesting reduces dependency, and is ideal for washing  machines, toilets and gardens.

When added together, makes for very renewable energy, environmentally friendly, prefabricated construction homes and buildings for the future . . . .  today!