Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

Imaginations can run free!

We DO NOT offer a brochure of house designs, because . . . . .

We manufacture prefabricated houses to YOUR design, NOT ours. 

                   Leaving you with 100% design flexibility.

If you already have your own design plans, (.dwg files / AutoCAD's) then our experienced team of engineers, using an advanced software design program, can transpose them into plans for a Steel-Frame prefabricated home for you.

Whatever those house designs or projects maybe.  Houses, developments, semi-detached homes, commercial units, link houses, social housing projects, chalets, lodges, apartment blocks, motels and prefabricated hotels . . . .    

APPRAISALS and ASSESSMENT' are available from your existing designs.  (in the form of Full specification architectural plans - AutoCAD's)

Your chosen architect does NOT need to have knowledge or understanding of our construction system.)


If you are not that far advanced, we'd be equally pleased to see your outline plans and ideas . . . . however basic they may be.     Perfect to provide us with an insight into your dreams.  But please, do NOT expect quotations from them.  

We will always do our best to provide an initial outline guide price for your prefabricated home project, at the earliest opportunity, and once sufficient detail and specifications have been provided

Please also, do not expect a guide quotation to just: "We want a 3 bedroom prefab house".       Or as mentioned, prices from you hand drawn floor plans.     That and they tell us nothing. 


We can also produce stunning 2D and 3D floor plans and visualisations, bringing your ideas to life, which for many provides an easier to understand and better appreciation of their intended dream. Sufficient detailed plans and dimensions will be required.

BESPOKE DESIGN  (Made to Order) The only additional cost, is that of an - ARCHITECT 

Although we may well be able to assist in the early stages with some outline concept ideas, we do not offer in-house architectural design services.

Quite simply because in the vast majority of global locations, of which Spain is a perfect example, 

a locally registered one  -  (e.g. for here, with the Spanish College of Architecture) - is a compulsory requirement.

Your appointed local architect does NOT need to have knowledge of our construction methods. 

He or she can simply produce what are called .dwg files (AutoCAD's) for the construction of your prefabricated house project, just as they have always done. 

Our own in-house technical engineers will make the relevant transpositions required from your own final plans, for steel-frame prefabricated construction.


With our varied global certifications including for example, ISO 9001:2009, EN1090-2 and code TEK10 for Norway, and ability to address all climatic and geologic conditions, our modular homes and buildings really are suitable for use globally, and designed for the specific local conditions.  

Prefab homes.

Sophistication and Total Flexibility.      Our Rapid Assembly Prefabricated Modular Houses. . . . .The future of the building industry.

Contemporary Design and Technology has changed everything.

In addition to the more traditional styles previously associated with prefabricated houses, we are frequently addressing the rapidly growing demand for contemporary and modern design homes and buildings as well.

Tel:  (+34) 965 461 157  or  (+34) 664 358 403

                                                                 . . . . . . Your first step to your new home.

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The manufacture of a BESPOKE DESIGN house, is no more expensive than an 'existing' design. 

Your house, villa, resort, or property development need have no restriction in terms of style, size, height or design. (Other than any local planning regulations.) We are not restricted by 'modular' sizes for example.

(Only applying to fully formed modular (volumetric) buildings, and not modular prefab houses)

Let your imagination run free.

No-one ever wants exactly the same. Individual and personal requirements always vary.  

Plots are never the same either.    -    Maximise all the advantages. 

'Enjoy the experience' and start your eco development or dream prefab home from scratch. 

It is after all, not every day that you have the opportunity to design the individual home or project of your dreams.  -  Time to start that bespoke design . . . .

    426m2 Waterside Home                                    Classical 282m2 Steel-frame house                      Luxury 305m2 Bespoke design Villa                96m2 Steel-frame Vacation Chalet

The hi-caliber mineral rock wool insulation in ALL our prefabricated modular sections, works both ways.

Keeping heat in, and cold out.   And keeping cool in and heat out.  (And with the included acoustic insulation, keeping sound out as well.)

With virtually limitless sustainable design possibilities utilising the latest prefabricated home building and house construction techniques, you really can let your imagination run free . . . . . Inside and out! 

'Plain and traditional' only? -  No way!

Prefabricated homes, modular  homes,  

kit houses or whatever you wish to call them, doesn't mean restricted and boring!

However restricted local planning may be!

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