Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

About Us

Eco Build (Spain)

Under the dual nationality, anglo-russian co-directorship of David Anthony and Svetlana Nazarenko, Eco Build (Spain), initially commenced with high quality prefabricated construction, based on panelised timber frames. For all of it's apparent extra 'environmentally friendly' concepts, it was found to be both restrictive as regards design opportunities and flexibility, and unacceptable in far too many of the global locations they were addressing.  

With flexibility and quality being paramount requisites, a high specification steel-frame panelised prefabricated construction method was sourced, tried and tested and has continued to be the chosen medium.    A method and standard suitable for ALL global locations. 

The three group entities, Eco Build (Spain), Green-home International and Eco Dom Lux (the Russian division, now all combined and launched under one new global brand.    That being iPrefab Global. . . . . 

But it didn't end there.  

Never being complacent, and as the world changed, (especially in 2020)  . . . .  so did iPrefab Global.

Embarking on a long-planned and whole new branding campaign.

And the birth of TECHNIUM SPACE  

Already successful in numerous countries, with homes and commercial buildings constructed in a varied selection of styles and designs. All utilising this high specification  panellised, prefabricated, steel frame construction method.

With a professional team of structural engineers, architects, interior designers and project managers available, we can ensure the experience of building your home or development, is a stress-free and enjoyable one.

Eco Build (Spain) / TECHNIUM SPACE remain constantly aware of the environment, with their prefabricated homes and prefabricated buildings being exceptionally energy efficient, and with a high percentage of materials used being recyclable. 

Eco Build (Spain) / TECHNIUM SPACE are your 'environmentally friendly' international suppliers, contacts and advisors.

Not just here for projects in Spain, but for wherever your project may be.  

Throughout any of southern Europe's other Mediterranean countries, (such as France, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, but also Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Brazil, Australia, the Bahamas, New Zealand, the South Pacific and beyond.

There for you from the outset, to advise and assist you to develop the original 'eco house' concept, right through the stages of planning, design and architecture, with the numerous prefabricated home style and specification choices, up until the final prefabricated building completion.