Manufacture and supply of bespoke design steel-frame energy efficient high quality prefabricated buildings

Advanced Building Solutions -  High Quality Prefabricated Homes . . . . to your own Design

  Prefabricated Houses  -  Luxury Villas  -  Apartments  -  Hotels  -  Modular homes -  Social Housing  -  Commercial Buildings . . .   

   Bespoke House Design, Exceptional Quality, Steel-frame Modular Prefabricated Houses, for ALL global locations.

Individual and Exclusive Prefab Homes and Villas for Developers and Private Clients


 'Perfection in Glass' prefab house                  Classical style 523m2 Caribbean home             280m2 High-Spec Modular home                         125m2 steel frame Prefab House                  


 For the best and quickest way to a made-to-order house, of unequalled quality and specification, and with high energy efficiency . . . 

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   Modern 385m2 Mid-range home                                             Contemporary 227m2 House                                                      449.5m2 Contemporary Design Villa

Luxury Homes, Starter Homes, Modular Homes.  Prefabricated houses, all manufactured to Your Own House Design and specification . .  In just months.

Energy efficient and Environmentally friendly.  Rapid Build and Cost Effective.   -  No design restrictions.

Manufactured and Supplied including optional high specification fixtures and fittings throughout.   Learn More: Click Here

 Prefab 341m2 Mid-range Steel-frame villa                        Luxury kitchens are included in the price.                            Modern Villa of 247m2

 Please remember. We manufacture to YOUR design  -  Not ours. 

All images shown, are copyright designs, and for suggestion and inspiration purposes only. 

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